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Working together (based on Acts 6)

Volunteers…they are the backbone of so many organizations.  You can use volunteers at church…and at home!  I love this section in Acts 6…no finger pointing, no finding fault with one another – instead they worked at finding SOLUTIONS!

The leaders suggested a way that the congregation might resolve their problem…the leaders didn’t take responsibility themselves – the SOLUTION?  Get the people involved.  The leaders in the early church gave the congregation full authority…the people…who knew the situation best…they were given the freedom to do what needed to be done.

In church, at home, and out and about in our day to day lives it’s all the same.  Acts 6 shows us that we ALL have a vested interest in so many things.  Don’t just leave it or expect the leaders to do things for you…get involved…NOT just finding faults or problems – but working towards solutions of getting the Word out and sharing the love of Christ!

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Speak up (based on Acts 5)

Most people say that public speaking is one of their greatest fears.  However, every day, thousands of people speak in public because they know what they have to say is far greater than the fear that they have or feel.


Look at Stephen, Peter and John.  We are not told if they enjoyed speaking in public, but we have lots of things that point to why that might have been afraid.  For example, Peter and John are told by the Jewish Council NEVER to speak of Jesus again.  If they do, they will be in danger.  But they ignore this threat and continue to preach of Christ crucified.  Because of Peter and John’s courage, the council members decide to silence them permanently.  Unlike Peter and John, Stephen never received a warning for his speaking about Jesus.  Instead, his enemies stone him to death for telling the truth.

I don’t know about you, but to me, the fate of Stephen and the apostles does not sound all that appealing…However, we have to remember that they gladly died for the sake of Jesus because they knew that He was and still is the Messiah.

Don’t let anyone silence you either.  Speak out boldly for Jesus.  Share your faith with others!

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Prayer Power (based on Acts 4)

It’s one thing to be TOLD what to do, another to be SHOWN, and yet another to TRY it yourself.  I remember reading about how to drive…then I watched my parents do it and THEN my parents let me try!

I remember my mom sitting in the car the first time I ever drove.  I went too fast on a turn in a brand new development and I bounced her Caprice Classic (which was a BOAT) over a curb.

I read all about driving…I’d watched them do it.  But somehow it was very different when I tried.

That’s why I’m so fascinated with this description of the early church at prayer.  These Christians faced crisis…they were in trouble…they needed help.  Acts 4 doesn’t just tell us that they prayed…it shows us HOW they prayed.  Watching them carefully you and I can learn how we should pray when we face a personal crisis.

Think about this – there are 141 words in this prayer.104 of them are in praise of God and His power.  Out of 141 words, 104 are in praise of who God is.  70% of the prayer WAS NOT concerned with their needs at all.  It was concerned with God.

What an example for us.  What a challenge!

“We have to pray with our eyes on God and not the difficulties” – Oswald Chambers

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Give you what I’ve got (based on Acts 3)

CoinsOur society has a “throw money at it” mentality.  It happens in our Government at the local, state, and national level.  It happens in the church too!  We believe that throwing money at a problem is the first and last approach to solving ANY problem we are faced with.  We throw money and then, feeling our duty is done, we go on about our day.

Peter and John had it great!  They had NO money to throw!  Instead, they gave what they had.  In this case what they had was the power to heal in Jesus’ name.

You and I may not have the power to heal.  But we need to follow Peter and John’s example, and give what we have.  Maybe it’s a listening ear…maybe it’s a helping hand…maybe it’s love and concern.  All of these offered in Jesus’ name, have more power to lift others up than all the money in the world!

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Power Source (based on Acts 2)

You don’t realize it until it happens…but then????  WAM!  You realize that our very way of life depends on electricity.  You can’t use your lights, the TV, or the computer.  If you have an electric oven, or if you have electric heat you can forget about cooking or staying warm.  OH – and you may want to go out and buy some ice to keep your food cold.  We lived that numerous times throughout the hurricane season in Houston.

Think about the church without the Holy Spirit is like a house without power.  That is why Jesus sends His power source the Holy Spirit to the church soon after his ascension back into heaven.  When the Spirit comes, the church is changed – Peter preaches his first sermon converting thousands.  A lame beggar is healed; and Peter and John boldly face Jesus’ killers.  The promise Jesus gave His disciples is coming true – they have received real power.

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Where is that pencil? (based on Luke 24)

I can’t tell you the countless times I have been walking around the house looking for my pencil.  I’ll ask Jen, and the girls, “have you seen my pencil” and about that time I realize it’s behind my ear…right where I left it.

42-20156192I have also been embarrassed before when in the middle of a meeting I’ve had to stop and ask my wife, “what’s my phone number again?”  Just the other day, I drove to church – when I was supposed to be going to WalMart.  I don’t really chalk it up to forgetfulness, rather I’d like to call it a lapse of attention!

The 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus have one of these lapses in memory.  Their lapse, however, is more serious than forgetting where they were heading, what their phone number was, or where they left their pencil.

Lucky for them, the Risen Jesus comes along and explains where they went wrong, and more importantly sets them straight.  To me it seems crazy that these 2 could forget Christ, but then again, consider all the times you and I have “forgotten” the Savior.

Sometimes our inability to enjoy the presence of Christ stems from our own disbelief of His Word.  We worry about life’s problems despite the promise from our Savior that He will provide for our needs.  Or we read the Bible, we go to church and even serve…only to wonder if God is at work in our lives.

Don’t forget this:  Jesus has defeated sin, death, and the evil one, and He is alive today!  Enjoy His presence today and always!

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All aboard (based on Luke 23)

You hurry for the train…you run down the platform barely making it before the doors close and you settle into your seat.

dartIf you’ve ever ridden a DART train in Dallas, or if you’ve ever ridden ANY train for that matter – you have probably heard the conductor call out the next stop or the final destination of the train.  I sometimes laugh to myself when people have RUN to catch the train and then realize that they are on the wrong train (it has NOT happened to me personally YET…but I’m sure it will one day).

In a way, this is what the disciples experienced.  As Jesus reaches His final destination (the cross) – His disciples begin to wonder what is going on.  They THOUGHT they had signed up with a soon to be victorious army, but they see their leader Jesus dying on the cross with criminals.  Did they get on the wrong train?  Today, what are your expectations in your walk with Christ?

Some people expect to be rewarded for following Jesus.  Some expect a pat on the back from others around them “for doing the right thing.”  Most of us though expect God to oversee everything in our lives with OUR OWN INTERESTS first and foremost in His mind.  Often we get a rude awakening when our expectations get sidetracked or derailed by trouble, tragedy, conflict, or even disappointment.  As Jesus’ death on the cross shows – sometimes God’s plan for us DOES NOT bring instant victory or justice or reward.

So don’t let your expectations get in the way of rejoicing God’s good plan for you now.  He cares for you and you can be sure of that!

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Jockeying for position (based on Luke 22)

horsesJesus shares some hard news with His disciples.  Rather than listen to what He has to say, they begin to argue about who will be the greatest.  Jesus’ response to their arguing is amazing.  He could have rebuked them…He could have said, “knock it off” but instead, He tells them how to be great and sets the example.

The question today is:  are you getting in the way of God’s purpose for your life?  Are you focused on yourself or on doing His will?

I often wonder why the disciples were jockeying for position at THAT moment.  Was it because they didn’t want to believe the bad news that Jesus had just given them, or didn’t they care?  They were so self centered that Jesus had to explain to them that they must serve others.

It’s easy to criticize the disciples for their self-centeredness, but that’s the way we are too.  Sometimes we have great concern for our own self to greatness, wealth, and prestige.  But Christ commands us to do as He did by serving others.

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Happy Endings (based on Luke 21)

I love watching old westerns on TV.  The story always ends the same – the main character (the good guy in a white hat) triumphs over tragedy and overwhelming odds.  We like those kind of stories don’t we?  To see the hero get “justice” or some other reward.  Really though I think we like to see evil defeated and even sometimes completely eliminated.

cowboysWhy do we like that so much?  Because in real life there are few happy endings.  Good hardly seems to ever triumph over evil.

The bad news is that things are going to get any better…YET!  Jesus warns that in the end times we will be persecuted, arrested, and killed because of Him.  He also reassures us that those who remain faithful to Him during the difficult times will experience a HAPPY ENDING!  If your present struggles seem to be overwhelming you, take hope as you see Jesus words – God’s story TRULY has a happy ending!

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Dreams and Devastation (based on Luke 19)

I remember growing up watching some guy and his wife on TV.  Every time I remember seeing the show I thought the lady wore way too much makeup because it was always running down her face every time she cried (which was every time I can remember that I watched their show).

The couple?  Jim and Tammy Bakker.  Jim Bakker spent time in prison for fraud, for lying to people in order to get their money.  I found it interesting, in his defense, Bakker told the jury about his vision – his dream of a playground for Christians called Heritage USA.

Heritage USA Today

Heritage USA Today

Whatever a person may think of Jim Bakker, I’m sure that each of us would give him this…he had a dream.  And he saw his dream crumpled and shattered at his feet.

I think the people who saw Jesus ride into Jerusalem had a dream too.  They dreamed of Israel being restored as a powerful nation.  They had dreams of Jesus being their king – the promised descendant of King David.  As people saw Jesus ride by, I bet they had visions of Jerusalem being the center of the new kingdom replacing Rome.

When Jesus saw Jerusalem?  He wept.  What Jesus saw was not new strong towers, or the center of the political universe…no, what Jesus saw was crumbled ruins.

I think the time line of events mirrors our lives today.  So many of us have dreams.  So many of us are ready to “build the empire” to God’s glory – we are waiting for Jesus to come so we can show him (humbly of course) “See what we’ve done in Your name?”

Jesus would prefer a ‘cleansed temple’ instead.  This is Jesus who chased out the money changers and the thieves who had corrupted what was supposed to be a ‘house of prayer’ and He put worship first.

God has been blamed for the most outlandish things by people who have confused their own inverted pride with God’s will. -Paul E. Little

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